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DUNCAN, Okla. – Three people were killed Monday in a shooting outside a Walmart that ended when a bystander pointed a gun at the shooter, police and afamily member said. The alleged shooter, who killed himself, was given a one-way bus ticket to Oklahoma City, the suspect’s father, Josheh Rasor, toldlocal newsreports.

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Sgt. Brian Estes and Kenneth Swetlik, public information officer with The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation, said a family member in Oklahoma Citysaid the suspect did not have a legitimate job. Police are still trying to determine that, they said. Lt. Matthew Harper, apolice spokesman, said downtown Oklahoma City wasoccupied with a sniper when the fatal shooting happened. He did not explain the firmness of his allegation.

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Walmart employees called 911, Cook CountySheriffTom Dart told reporters, but passers-by did not intervene.In Kandie, that unique location is what authorities were looking for to find someone whodidn’t know about the gunman’s intentions before the 911 call. “We asked our public for their help,” say Commander Estes. Walmart sent Aramark, they said, to provide catering service for its inside, fully staffed store. This was the closest Walmart was to the Walmart above the tattoo parlor where the shooting happened and where the gunman was-

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