Rep Before Pausing Should Should Should Take A Breath

Posted by Jun Hardin on 2019-11-19 19:59:23 -0600

Rep. Eric Swalwell was mid-sentence on MSNBC’s “Hardball with Chris Matthews” when it sounded like he passed wind.

“We have as many iPhones as we do people in the House of Tripoli,” Swalwell said, before pausing. “Should I take a breath?”

Debate, The Colorado Democrat Continues On From His Remark

Back in the main mode of the debate, the Colorado Democrat continued on from his remark and pushed back on comedian Bill Maher’s suggestion that a stepped-up tree-trimming program would “weed out the roughnecks,” increasingly the scourge of metro Denver.

“What Tree-Spraying Programs For Some, Including Republican Congressman In

“What tree-spraying programs have for some, including a Republican Congressman in Congress, Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia, some roughnecks in Denver I don’t think mean much to them,” Swalwell said.

Affordable Care Act. To A Nasty Election Day August

Democrats are flexing their muscles in the run-up to a nasty election day August 20, when the White House and Congress will have to work out a bill replacing the Affordable Care Act. Congressional Republicans seek to use last year’s botched attempt to defund the health law as an argument for rectifying the cynical strategy they’ve already used to scuttle healthcare reform efforts before.

And these are the issues on which Democrats hope Republican politicians place their maximalist grasps.

A Colorado Places Conclusion: